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Terms and Conditions
Lexon Energy undertakes that for every residential customer who applies for the Feed-In Tariff in accordance with the approved System Sizes they will receive automatic acceptance into the program.
The Lexon Energy Feed-In Tariff is available on a single Solar electric (PV) System purchased and installed from one of our nominated partners, who have installed a system supplied at the nominated address.
These conditions will apply to this Agreement unless otherwise agreed in writing.
“Customer” means the name of the applicant in Part 1 of this Application.
“Lexon Energy” means Lexon Energy Pty Ltd (ACN: 163 702 896).
Lexon Energy will provide the Customer an agreed concession for every full kW of electricity which your solar installation feeds into the electricity grid for the Term.
The Customer will provide to Lexon Energy a copy of their electricity account within 30 days of issue to Lexon Energy for payment to be made in the manner agreed to in the Application.
System Sizes
Lexon Energy agrees to a maximum approval on concession size, determined from the average daily usage on your last four (4) electricity accounts, in accordance with the following table:
Average daily usage (KW) Maximum System Size (kW)
5 1.5
7.5 2
10 2.5
12.5 3
15 3.5
17.5 4
20 4.5
22.5 5
This guarantee will only apply to the System size in the original installation. If you later increase your Solar Electric (PV) Systems generation capacity, you will no longer be eligible to the Lexon Energy Feed-In Tariff concession.
All applications must be accompanied with a copy of the Customers four (4) most recent electricity accounts.
Lexon Energy reserves the right to make seasonal allowances to electricity accounts if the four (4) most recent electricity accounts are not provided within a reasonable amount of time.
The Customer must give Lexon Energy any information we reasonably require for the purposes of this Agreement. This information must not mislead or deceive Lexon Energy in relation to any information provided to Lexon Energy.
The agreement between Lexon Energy commences on the date that the Customer sign this Application.
Lexon Energy reserves the right to reject any application made which exceeds the pre-approved System Size and offer a substitute agreement under the Maximum System Size.
Entitlement to the Lexon Energy Feed-In Tariff concession is conditional upon full payment to the Customers Solar Retail Installer.
This Agreement is not transferrable.
The customer may cancel this agreement at any time during the Term by providing seven (7) days notice to Lexon Energy. Lexon Energy will within fourteen (14) days return or destroy all personal information provided to Lexon Energy for the satisfaction of this agreement.
Lexon Energy does not impose any charges for the termination of this Agreement
Lexon Energy may cancel this agreement only:
i) In the event the Contract of Work for the installation of a solar system is cancelled; or
ii) In the event the Customer engages in fraudulent activity in relation to this agreement.
Submitting of Electricity Accounts
The Customer is required to submit all electricity accounts within thirty (30) days of issue to Lexon Energy by:
Payment of Feed-In Tariff Concession will be paid by the method indicated in the Application on the fifteenth day of the month following the submission of the Customers electricity account with Lexon Energy.
Lexon Energy will pro-rata the last electricity account in the Term.
The Customer must tell Lexon Energy promptly if information which has been provided changes, including billing address and bank account details.
The Customer gives consent:
i) For Lexon Energy to retain personal information;
ii) For Lexon Energy to disclose information to the Company’s related entities;
iii) For the above parties to use that information for providing information regarding products and services available by these parties to the Customer.
The Client warrants that they are the relevant telephone account holder (or their nominee) within the meaning of the Do Not Call Register Act 2006(Cth). The Client hereby consents to being contacted by telephone in relation to the Company’s other products and services.
Lexon Energy Liability
To the extent permitted by law, we give no condition, warranty or undertaking, and we make no representation directly to you in relation to the supply or generation of electricity to or at your property.
Australian Consumer Law
Lexon Energy will at all times comply with the Australian Consumer Law, as it is amended from time to time
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